Sinus Lift Procedure (crestal approach)

The crestal approach requires sufficient bone height to stabilize the implant.

Sinus Lift Procedure (crestal approach)

Sinus floor elevation for the placement of single or multiple implants.

Sinus lift and sinus graft

A procedure that makes it easier to place dental implants.

Maxillary sinus floor augmentation (also termed sinus lift, sinus graft, sinus augmentation, or sinus procedure) is a surgical procedure that aims to increase the amount of bone in the posterior maxilla (upper jaw bone), in the area of the premolar and molar teeth, by lifting the Schneiderian membrane.


  • The crestal sinus approach is indicated when there is at least 5 mm remaining crestal bone height.
  • Crestal approach has demonstrated to be effective and less invasive.
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