Zygomatic Implant

Zygomatic implants are to replace teeth in the upper jaw. To replace an entire arch of missing teeth, severely damaged or decayed teeth also teeth that have become loose due to severe periodontal disease. Zygomatic implants are an ideal choice for patients with severely atrophic maxilla. Zygomatic implants can also be used in coordination with traditional dental implants to replace both the upper and lower teeth.

Zygomatic Implant

Zygomatic implants will be placed into the zygomatic bone, more commonly known as the cheekbone. Compared to the maxillary bone, the zygomatic bone is much denser and provides a solid anchor point for the implant. Since zygomatic implants are implanted in the cheekbone, they are much longer than traditional dental implants.

  • Zygomatic implant treatment allows a dental prosthetic to be immediately loaded, during the same-day surgery.
  • Like traditional dental implants, zygomatic dental implants also have a high success rate. It is proven that the success rate of zygomatic implants ranges from 97 to 98%.
All on 4 London Examination

Step One:

Consultation, X-rays, CBCT scan, treatment planning

All on 4 London

Step Two:

Surgery and Prosthesis fitting

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Step Three:



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